Ceiling Systems Product #1

Ceiling Grid Connectors

Gordon`s cleanroom ceiling systems provide 2-inch ceiling grids unsurpassed for strength and structural integrity. Utilizing heavy duty zinc alloy castings and threaded rod suspension.

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Ceiling Systems Product #2

DS Gasketed Ceiling Grid Systems

When utilizing in-room utility/ process pipe racking or teardrop light fixtures with 2-inch grid, consider the DS-ScrewSlot for the fastest, simplest, and cleanest installation alternative.

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Ceiling Systems Product #3

WS Gel Grid System

Gordon’s WS Gel Grid systems are used in a variety of pressurized plenum cleanroom applications, including semiconductor, microelectronic, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and aerospace.

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Ceiling Systems Product #4

WG Walkable Ceiling Grid

Gordon WG walkable ceiling system.

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