Aluminum Wall Panel System

Aluminum Wall System

Webb Core Cleanroom Wall Systems are engineered specifically for controlled environments and are designed to be fully compatible with each other.

Webb Core Cleanroom Wall System is a battened panel on a stud aluminum honeycomb curtain wall system. The open edge honeycomb panels are finished with battens at the joints. All trim pieces are clear anodized aluminum and the wall panels are pre-coated in a variety of finishes including conductive, static dissipative and chemically resistant.


The flexibility of the systems allows for simple installation particularly when bulk heading, windows, return air grills, and doors are integral. We offer various glazing options for filtering U.V. and/or conductive or static dissipative glass.

The system can accommodate needs up to 12′-0″ high and easy field penetrations and/or modifications for process piping, bulk heading and automated material handling systems (AMHS).

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