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Microbinc works with CyrusOne to optimize the Gordon Grid Solution

When global colocation solutions provider CyrusOne was looking for a more flexible way to configure their data center environment, Microbinc helped to fit an innovative solution to their needs.
Using the Gordon Data Center Products structural ceiling grid, CyrusOne was able to provide adaptability and aesthetic appeal without compromising the heft and durability needed to support overhead cables and utilities.

Traditional acoustic ceiling tiles installed beneath uni-strut infrastructure requires a time-consuming alteration process whenever customer wants to adapt their environment to grow their capacity.
The Gordon grid is a one-step construction, and allows for a simpler unbolting of the grid section, both avoiding damage and streamlining overhead costs for the customer.
“Data center infrastructure is evolving every day, and what we like about Gordon is that the company applies its nearly 50 years of experience vetting solutions in the commercial space to create personalized solutions that are relevant today,” said Kevin Timmons, chief technology officer, CyrusOne.
“No one else is doing what they do. And we’d install nothing less for our customers.”

Sustainability is one of Microbinc’s core values.
Because the Gordon grid is made from 70% recycled material, using the grid can help customers achieve their LEED status.
Gordon also offers other sustainable architectural components, including ceiling systems, wall panels, and containment and process support.
“We feel good about offering Gordon products to our customers”, says Microbinc owner and CEO Judy Andersen,
“This is an exciting time in the Data Center market, and we look forward to exploring new opportunities with our clientele”.


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