WG Walkable Ceiling Grid


Walkable ceiling systems serve as an effective alternative to costly and obstructive catwalk systems in the cleanroom plenum. Gordon’s WG Walkable Gasket Grid system provides the necessary structural integrity required of a truly walkable ceiling system. Having a specially engineered 3” tall vertical web, the extruded aluminum grid members serve as a structural beam to carry the extraordinary live and combined loads typically applied to a walkable ceiling system.


Extrusions Grid members shall be extruded of aluminum alloy 6063, with temper T5, and shall feature a continuous 1/4-20 screw boss for field attachment of connecting and suspending devices. Cross tees shall have ends which are factory back cut and coped for optimal face alignment and system strength. Finishes Standard finishes are either clear anodized or white powder coat. Custom finishes are also available.

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