Cleanroom Certification and Testing

ISO Class 1-9 cleanrooms are required per ISO 14644-2:2015 to be certified at a minimum time interval of once per year. Hume Group’s expert technicians follow ISO procedural standards and serve the Medical Device, Pharma, Aerospace and Semiconductor industries. Hume Group will perform Cleanroom Certification and Testing for FFU’s, Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC), fumehoods, laminar flowbenches, and isolators and modular cleanrooms.

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Additional Services

ISO Certification Includes:

  • Airborne Particle Concentration Evaluation
  • Temperature/Relative Humidity Measurements
  • HEPA Filter Air Flow Velocity  Readings/Room Air Exchange Rate
  • Airflow volume / velocity readings with room air exchange rate calculations
  • Room pressure differential measurements
  • Non-viable particle counting
  • Temperature / relative humidity measurements

Other Services Include:

  • HEPA Filter Leak Test/ Ambient Air Challenge
  • HEPA Filter Replacements
  • Air laminarity visualization test
  • Filter replacement

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