High Density Flooring

ASM High Density Flooring

Innovations in Access Flooring Our High Density Access Flooring supports all data center and mechanical room heavy equipment such as CRAH units, PDU’s, Battery’s, UPS Systems, and more with out the need for separate equipment stands. Uniform loading is based on a maximum beam deflection of L/360 span.

Physical Data

Physical Data Fire Rating of Bare Panel and Understructure

Class A Flame Spread (Per ASTM E84) Non-Combustible Materials (Per ASTM E136) Electrical Resistance ASTM/NFPA 99A


Understructure Options Structural Steel Tubing

1.5, 2.0 & 3.0mm wall thickness Pedestal spacing and beam spans up to n72” Standard uniform floor loading up to 325 PSF Hot dip galvanize and nickel chrome Seismic pedestals and bracing available Custon design for heavy equipment (>325 PSF) Eliminates need for separate frame stands

ASM Floor Panels

Panel Features
Available in 24” or 600 mm size
Structured concrete core
Recycled materials
Vinyl side trim
Galvanized steel bottom pan

Finish Options
HPL Tile (1/16” or 1/8”)
ASM “Smart-Trim” or Monolithic”
Vinyl Tile:
VPT “Con-Tile” (static conductive)
VPT “Stat-Tile” (static dissipative)
Rubber Tile:
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