Ceiling Grid Connectors


Gordon’s WS Gel Grid systems are used in a variety of pressurized plenum cleanroom applications, including semiconductor, microelectronic, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and aerospace.


All of Gordon’s WS systems feature 2-inch wide extruded aluminum grid members joined by one of the Gordon connector systems, rod-hung suspension and factory-notched gel channels for simple cross tee loc.

WS Gel Grid System


Gordon WS gel grid system with screw slot


When utilizing in-room utility/process pipe racking or tear droplight fixtures with 2-inch grid, consider the WS-ScrewSlot for the fastest, simplest, and cleanest installation alternative.Featuring a 1/4-20 continuous screw boss in the room side surface of the main tee, the WS-Screw Slot extrusion allows for fast easy attachment of fasteners, rack attachments or teardrop light fixtures. And no drilling is required, eliminating any potential leak path into the cleanroom from the pressure plenum, and making installation of lighting and accessories clean and simple. A vinyl trim insert provides an attractive, secure seal for mains where no attachments are installed. The insert may be removed, trimmed, or relocated as additional equipment is installed or relocated. Consider this labor saving, value added solution when reviewing your unique cleanroom design requirements.

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