Gordon Data Center Hot/Cold Aisle Containment


Containment System Design Criteria:
  • Barriers must serve as an air block with minimal leakage
  • Barriers must suspend from the DG-1.5 grid
  • Design must be simple, with as few fasteners as possible

Additional Info…

  • System must be non-progressive, allowing for removal fo individual panels without disturbing adjacent panels
  • Panels must be light weight, 1 person must be able to safely remove and handle the panels
  • Panels must have a Class A fire rating
  • Pass-through openings should be easily accommodated
  • Doors must be light weight reducing structural design of framework
  • Strip curtains may also be utilized for personnel entry/egress in lieu of swing doors
  • Softwall vinyl strips for temporary barriers must be easily attached to barrier panels during IT equipment maintenance or refresh

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