Bi-folding Curtains

Sure-Fold Bifolding Curtains provide a wide variety of enclosure solutions. These retractable, industrial strength barriers help to optimize work areas, save energy and control contamination. Sure-Fold Curtains easily and quickly open up wide expanses of space to allow large equipment, inventory and other items to pass, and then pull back together just as effortlessly.

Sound Blocking Curtains

SoundBlock strips and curtains are highly effective at sound reduction. Made from a three-ply vinyl-laminated system to create a dead air space within the panel. This provides great sound attenuation; at higher frequencies, as much as a 48-decibel reduction can be achieved! -Available in 12” strip,24” strip, and 48” strip. -100% Waterproof. Suitable for Outdoor Use. -Available in Clear Vinyl Outer Layer for safety. Tinted and Opaque Colors Also Available.

Welding Curtains

These specially designed curtains are popular for enclosing or dividing areas for special processes, such as welding. Available in amber and red tint light filtering, Welding Curtains are used to protect workers and employees from UV flash and welding sparks. Welding Curtains can be used with a frame system and casters to create a welding enclosure that can be moved anywhere around the shop floor.

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